• Digitisation UK

    Digitise fragile and delicate objects, archives, special collections, books and documents.

  • Family Photographs and Slides

    Transfer family photographs, slides and transparencies into digital formats.

  • Magnetic Tape Transfer

    Digitise VHS, magnetic and cassette tape onto DVD, streaming video and audio formats.

  • Copystand Photography

    Capture artworks and objects directly.


Welcome to Access Digital. We are a team of library and digitisation professionals based at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.

We have expertise in all things digital and a mission to create high quality, high impact digital resources.

E: info@access-digital.co

T: 01252 892720


We digitise a range of material from the most fragile and rare special collections, artworks and archives, to books, documents, photographs, slides and VHS tape.

Access Digital's professional photographers will also capture museum and archive objects, either in our studio space or on site, using our state of the art facilities.

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  • Artworks & Objects
  • Book scanning
  • Museum & Archive photography
  • VHS, Audio Cassette, Magnetic Tape transfer
  • Large format A2 scanning
  • Photograph & slide scanning
  • Image post processing


Zandra Rhodes in her studio

Zandra Rhodes Archive

Access Digital recently helped to digitise the archive of renowned fashion designer Zandra Rhodes.

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Access Digital were highly professional, experienced and knowledgeable in the field, a friendly and helpful team, and the results speak for themselves.

Amy Robinson, Project Manager, Zandra Rhodes Digitisation Project

Zandra Rhodes Dress Detail

University for the Creative Arts

Access Digital
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